Writers’ Accessories


I’ve always been interested in accessories – not bags, hats and matching shoes (I’m not that type of person) – but more gadget-type accessories. Phone cases and styluses are a good example (or should that be styli?), and writing accessories are well up there on my list of things to look out for.

Obviously, I do a lot of writing on a laptop, but that doesn’t stop me acquiring vast quantities of pens (the more unusual and interesting, the better) as well as notebooks, files, folders and anything else that’s likely to be found in a stationary shop.

The dog shares my interest in accessories, and he is always enthusiastic when I come home and show him a new pen with a flower on the end of it, or maybe a fancy pot for storing paperclips. He’ll look at it from all angles before pressing his nose to it and inhaling deeply, drawing in all the smells that tell him the full history of whatever it is that I’ve bought. He has plenty of accessories of his own, as well; a variety of hats, coats (waterproof and otherwise), leads, harnesses, collars, blankets, toys (chewy and otherwise), a range of festive jumpers for Christmas time – and even a selection of bow ties, for those more formal occasions.

I can never quite make up my mind whether shopping for writing accessories is a way of procrastinating, when I’ve got plenty to be doing at home, or whether it’s genuinely helpful – do I really write better when I’ve got a new pen to take notes with, or a new notebook with fancy, handmade pages, to write the notes on? Who knows, but it’s all part of the fun of being a writer so I’m going to stick to it – probably using that new, bright green, flower-shaped pack of sticky notes that I’ve just brought home and shown to the dog!


My current pen collection